bunnyslayer93 said: Ah wow you really are a newbie at it lol so how many times have you done it? And what do you think of it so far?

Hahah yeah, only twice.
Great I guess? Hahah


until we… until we meet again — wow, lovely | via Tumblr on We Heart It

bunnyslayer93 said: Ah cool I'm still with my first to so how long have use been doing it?

Hahah. My first time was only a little less than 3 weeks ago.


bunnyslayer93 said: Ah nice are you still sleeping with that guy?

Yes I am. He’s my boyfriend ha.


bunnyslayer93 said: how many guys have you been with sexually?

I’ve only had sex with one guy.
But I’ve fooled around with 6 guys.


bunnyslayer93 said: What's your sexual preference?

I like boys.


Anonymous said: you're very very pretty. I wish you were single.

Wow thank you so much.
Sorry I’m not ha.


Anonymous said: I'll ask too. whats your fav movie? food? color? virgin? if not, do you regret it? what bands do you listen to? what are your hobbies? why do you like/dislike tumblr?

Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle
Food: fettuccine Alfredo.
Color: orange.
Virgin: nope, I do not regret it at all.
Bands: Neck Deep, Arctic Monkeys, The Wonder Years, Front Porch Step
Hobbies: Netflix, reading, writing, music.
Like tumblr; it’s a place to escape
Dislike; rarely get interaction.


l1lian said: what's your favorite place to visit?

Ooohh. The town (Holland) which is where my boyfriend lives and is only about 30 mins away from where I do probably. It’s so pretty and it seems like there’s so much more to do there.


Anonymous said: ever been in love?

I think I was with my boyfriend of year and a half which was about 3 years ago.
And I can see myself being in love with my boyfriend now.


Anonymous said: what do you love about where you live? what do you hate?

I really love how close most things are around my town.
I really hate how there’s not that much really to so I guess.


Anonymous said: i always waited for things to come to me in life & as time went on I realized you need to go out & get what you want. ask, take, whatever, you dont sit around &let chances pass you by. so good for you for asking for questions. I'll give you some :)

Wow thank you!!


Anonymous said: You are so damn needy and desperate for things. They will come if you do not try so hard. Good day.

Uhm? Okayy? Thanks.

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